19 habits that you do (without realizing it) and that harm your hair very bad

If your hair falls out more than normal, it looks very dull or gets very dirty, you may be doing something daily that is hurting you without realizing it. Find out and remedy it.

1-How to load your hair unintentionally

There are small gestures that we do without realizing it and that, little by little, damage our hair. To continue showing off your hair, we have selected several habits that you should stop doing from this moment, as well as the messages that your hair sends you about your health.

2-If your hair falls out, you may be stressed

Have you noticed that lately your hair falls out of your mind? If you lead a very fast life (home, family, work …), stress could be the cause of your alopecia. Find an activity that relaxes you, be it sports or a hobby (crafts, reading), and incorporate it into your life on a regular basis. Find out if your hair loss is normal or can be something else …

3-Very tight hairstyles

Something as seemingly innocent as a ponytail, if you wear it too tightly, can cause hair loss due to a traction effect. If you like those collected, do not tense your hair so much and choose this hairstyle only on specific occasions. What are the most harmful hairstyles? The extensions, the braids that are made from the root, the ponytail or the ballerina bun.

4-Your bangs don’t grow…

It probably means that you need more protein in your diet. Opt for foods rich in minerals, omega3 fatty acids, vitamins and proteins to help strengthen and grow your hair.

5-If you change the texture of your hair …

This, unfortunately, is due to age. Over time, the hair loses density and becomes thinner. If you fancy a change of look and want to take a few years off, these hairstyles will make you look younger.

6-Don’t cut your ends as much as you should

Being at the end of the mane they are the oldest part of the hair (it is the hair that was manufactured 2-3 years ago, the most worn) and also the least protected by sebum, which is made in the scalp. The chemical treatments (dyeing, discoloration), the dryer and the rubbing with the clothes wear them even more, being dry and open. It is advisable to go through the hairdresser at least every month and a half or two months to eliminate split ends and “renew” the cut a bit.

7-Touching your hair too much

Withdrawing the bangs from the face often, resting the hand on the head a lot or being the ones that have the tic of curling tufts between the fingers makes the hair greased right away, caking it and eliminating its natural shine. No matter how clean your hands are, they always leave some of their natural fat (or even the cream you use).

8-Do you brush it 100 times? Do not do it!

We have seen it in many period films: she sat in front of the mirror brushing her hair again and again before going to sleep. Not only will this not make it shine brighter, but it will help the hair become more fragile and brittle. Avoid brushing it excessively.

9-Beware of very hot water

The effect is similar to getting into a sauna. Although surely what you are looking for is a relaxing moment, the hot steam stimulates the sebaceous glands of the scalp, which causes it to produce more fat. And it is much worse if the shower is prolonged. When you shower, lower the temperature. With warm water you avoid overexciting the sebaceous glands.

10-Do you forget the conditioner?

While some think that the conditioner greases the hair, others think that it is out of volume; and there are those who simply do not have time. However, it is worth using, because its composition prevents frizz, facilitates styling and adds shine. If you find it more comfortable, you can use it without rinsing.

11-You rub too much when you dry it with the towel

If your hair is easily greased and you think that rubbing it vigorously will end the grease, you are wrong. The only thing you will get is to stimulate the sebaceous glands of the scalp and more fat will be released. Also, if you manipulate it with such force and your hair is thin, it will tangle and break more easily. Gently massage the scalp.  Activate the shampoo with the fingertips (never with the nails) slowly, with ascending circular movements. Olga San Bartolomé gives you remedies if you have oily hair.

12-Off … will it be the dryer?

Drying the hair with the head down is very common to give more volume to the mane, but think that when you use the dryer or comb your head by moving in all directions, the comb and the air lift the hair cuticles, which prevents hair from shining. When you dry your hair and combs always do it in the same direction, from the root to the ends. If you want to give more volume to the roots, you can get it by cupping the hair with a round brush or putting curlers.

13-Your hair is dull

It may be because you wash it every day. And it is not necessary because, if not, the hair is dry and matte. Most shampoos include substances called sulfates, some cleansers that remove dirt, but drag the grease or oil that protects the hair. If you use them daily, the hair loses vitality and shine. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and lather your hair once if you have no choice but to wash your hair every day due to the gym, your work etc …

14-Do you have too many sweets?

“What will it have to do with your hair!”, You will be thinking. Well, interestingly enough, eating many products with too much sugar makes the body make more androgens, the hormones that precipitate the appearance of fat in the hair. Try to reduce the amount of sugar in your recipes and when you feel like something sweet, avoid industrial pastries and peck at more homemade options, such as cottage cheese with a trickle of honey or dried fruit.

15-Your diet lacks nutrients

If we lack certain nutrients such as proteins, vitamins A and D and iron, the body allocates the few that come for essential functions, such as keeping the heart well or energizing the brain, and “forgetting” about other parts Like nails and hair. The most advisable thing is to lose weight little by little, following a balanced Mediterranean diet and trying to avoid processed foods as much as possible.

16-Does your curl lose shape?

If you notice that your hair is drier than normal and your curl is losing shape, you may need additional hydration. If in your city it is very cold, you will surely notice it more with the arrival of winter and it is that the cold affects the hair cuticle. It may also be due to the ingredients of your products (avoid shampoos that carry sulfates). Dryness may indicate some type of hormonal changes such as pregnancy, menopause or thyroid.

17-Comb wet hair

Wet hair is more fragile, much more than when it is dry. So avoid brushing after washing because the hair is most likely to break. Use a wide-barbed comb better   and begin to untangle the tips.


18-If you have lighter hair (and you have not dyed it)

That typical phrase of “It is that my hair is cleared by the sun” is very true. The sun “whitens” the hair and also dries it out. Even if it’s not summer, remember to always use products with SPF to protect it. Taking foods rich in vitamin E will also help your hair. So include nuts, wheat germ oil, green leafy vegetables or sunflower seeds in your diet.

19-Use fixation products daily

Finishing products or styling usually include alcohol, which is desiccant and drags the hair’s natural oils, leaving it matt. Do not abuse the lacquers and sprays, and try styling creams or waxes, which fix providing shine and taking care of the hair.



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