9 Tips from professional stylists to keep your hair clean and bulky for longer

The more we wash our hair, the faster it gets dirty. Breaking that vicious circle is possible, for example, by following the advice of Kim Kardashian, who washes her hair every 5 days: “We start with a voluminous hairstyle on the first day; the second, the stylist works on a careless image; the third, smoothes it with an iron; the fourth, I usually wear my hair in a straight ponytail; and the fifth, well, well, it’s time to wash it. ” But stylists have many other secrets and tricks.

In  UnderRadars we bring you today 9 tips that will help you keep your hair clean and bulky for a long time. At the end of the article, a bonus awaits you: a simple way to determine if your hair is damaged or not.

Apply the shampoo professionally

1. The water should be at a pleasant temperature. Stay for a minute in the shower and make sure your hair is completely wet.

2. Pour a specific amount of shampoo, the size of a large coin, into the palm of your hand, rub it between your hands and with gentle circular movements apply it on your hair in the direction from the crown and the hair growth line to the tips

3. For rinsing, use twice as much time. The stylists recommend washing hair shampoo in the shower for 5 minutes. The remaining and dry particles of the shampoo can cause an opaque color of the hair and the appearance of scales on the scalp.

4. It is recommended to finish the wash by rinsing it with cold water: the cuticles will harden, the hair will retain more moisture and will look brighter

Plan your hairstyles

Planning a hairstyle for each day with a gradual complication of it will allow you to have to wash your hair less frequently and you will look elegant every day.

Sage Infusion

Looking to always have clean hair, it will help you rinse it with herbal infusions. The  sage adjusts the operation of the sebaceous glands, soothes the scalp and heals inflammation. For 1 liter of water, you will need 4 tablespoons of dried sage: it can be prepared as if it were an infusion. The already cooled infusion is applied to rinse the previously washed hair (then you have to rinse the hair again with fresh water).

Plan the washes

To give up the daily washing of your hair, it is best to do it little by little. Over time, the intensity of the functioning of the sebaceous glands will decrease : they will not need to restore the balance of the scalp after washing.

Dry shampoo: before exercising

Using dry shampoo after a workout in the gym will be almost useless: after exercising, the hair is already so oily that almost nothing can save it. It is better to apply a little spray before going to the gym, it will help you absorb sweat during exercise sessions.

A plan to change the pillowcases

Sleeping on clean bedding is not only pleasant, but also beneficial for the hair. Gradually, epidermis cells and cosmetic remains accumulate in the pillowcase , forming a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria. To maintain the health of your hair and scalp, you should change the pillowcase, at least once a week, and if the hair is oily, it is better to do it twice a week.

Lemonade for hair

The “lemonade” for the hair helps to eliminate excess fat, which will allow you to keep your hairstyle clean and bulky for a longer time, also creating a natural shine. Preparing it is very simple: add the juice of a lemon to a liter of warm water. Wash your hair as usual and then rinse it with this solution. It is better to pour the lemonade into a small stream, massaging the hair roots with the other hand.

Tall hairstyles

Tall hairstyles keep hair clean for longer. While at home, collect your hair in a high bun and just let it go before going out. This technique will also allow you to add additional volume to your hairstyle.

Deep scalp care

All heavy care products, such as masks, balms and hair conditioners, are designed primarily for the ends of the hair, but there is an exception: masks for the scalp. It is better to combine it with a scrub. Hydrated skin will not produce excess fat. It is best not to extend the mask on the top of the head, rubbing it on the hair, but apply it in detail by making lines between strands and strands and gently massaging the scalp.

Bonus: a home test to find out if your hair is healthy

Stylist Thomas Taw , who has a large portfolio of clients, among which we find Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Ellen Page and Jude Law, offers you a simple test . This will help you determine whether or not your hair is damaged. To carry it out, remove a hair and place it in a glass of clean water. If it floats on the surface, the hair is healthy; If it sinks, then it requires a recovery process.

How often do you wash your hair to be more beautiful? Surely you have your secret remedy to give your hairstyle a fresh and lively look. Share it with us in the comments.


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